Summer 2014 Rankings

My Rankings for Summer 2014

To qualify for this list, the anime has to air during this season (it doesn’t matter if it’s leftovers or if it’s not finished and will be judged with the episodes that aired within the season. For example, for SAO it would be the first 12 episodes and for Haikyuu it would be the 2nd half of it). I will include dropped anime as long as I finish at least 40-50%  of the total episode count for the series. (though there won’t be a full review).  For series that are partially judged  (incomplete), the final score will be definitely different because obviously I don’t have the ability to predict how the next half of the series will turn out.

1) Haikyuu – 2nd half  (9.5/10) A+ 

2) Barakamon (8/10) A 
3) Akame ga kill (6.9/10) B+ *incomplete*
4) Sword Art Online (6.5/10) B+ *incomplete*
5) Ao Haru Ride (6.3/10) B
6) Tokyo Ghoul (6/10) B
7) Aldnoah Zero (5/10) B-
8) Glasslip* (3.9/10) C
9) Zankyou no Terror (3.2/10) D
10) Jinsei* (2.5/10) F

*Dropped but seen at least 40% of episodes.

Psycho Pass Extended Edition (dropped after episode 4)
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun (dropped after episode 1)
Rail Wars (dropped after episode 2)
Bakumatsu Rock (dropped after episode 1)
Shirogane no ishi – Argevollen (dropped after episode 2)
Locodol (dropped after episode 2)
Shounen Hollywood (dropped after episode 2)
Sabagebu (dropped after episode 1)
Dramatical Murder (dropped after episode 1)
Hanayamata (dropped after episode 1)
Love stage (dropped after episode 1)
Persona 4 (dropped after episode 1)
Tokyo Esp (dropped after episode 1)
Seirei Tsukai no blade dance (dropped after episode 1)


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