Spring 2014 Rankings

Here are my Spring 2014 rankings

1) Mekakucity Actors (9.6/10) A+
2) Bokura wa minna wa kawaisou (8.1/10) A+
3) Haikyuu (7.7/10) A- (Based on first 13 episodes)
4) No Game no life (7/10) B+
5) Knights of Sidonia (6/10) B
6) Ping Pong the animation (5/10) B-
7) Gokukoku no Brynhildir (4.5/10) C+ (Dropped)
7) Baby Steps (4.5/10) C+ (Dropped)

*Note that if you happen to check out my older blog, the scoring is different. I have decided to use a more consistent grading scheme starting from this blog onwards. Also, for Haikyuu, the overall score is different because I am only using the first 13 episodes.


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