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[First Impressions] – Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road – Episode 1

I wouldn’t exactly call this first impressions mainly due to the fact that you can consider this episode 39 of Yowamushi pedal and it wouldn’t make a difference. But yeah, Yowamushi Pedal, the master of cliffhangers is back this season. … Continue reading

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[Review] – Haikyuu – solid example of a top-tier anime

Some people said there were almost no good anime in the season of Spring 2014. I beg to differ. Haikyuu has been one of my top favourites for 2014 for far (and yes, I count it as a Spring 2014 … Continue reading

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[Review] – Yowamushi Pedal – master of cliffhangers

First ever review of this blog! Don’t really intend to go in-depth and going to try to be as brief and spoiler free as possible. also, this is not an “after thoughts” kind of post but rather a “should you … Continue reading

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