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[Review] – Sakamichi no Apollon

This anime came up more than a couple of times while reading reviews / discussions of Shigatsu and that gave me more than enough reason to backtrack to 2012 to see what I’ve missed. Sakamichi no Apollon / Kids on … Continue reading

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[Review] – Barakamon – the only worthy anime of Summer 2014?

Did anyone watch Barakamon for the calligraphy? I doubt so. But it turned out brilliant anyway. Barakamon is a 12 episode long anime about an eccentric calligrapher who gets sent to an island to repent for his impulsiveness. It is … Continue reading

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[Review] – Zankyou no terror – Best anime of the season! (from the bottom)

Someone please rename this anime “Zankyou no terrible”. Anyway, warning. this post contains highly opinionated stuff. If you have an inverse opinion from mine, you’ll probably end up butt hurt. I won’t take responsibility for any butt hurt-ness.  Okay here … Continue reading

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[Review] – Tokyo Ghoul – the two ways of watching it

Tokyo Ghoul started off with a bang. I absolutely loved the first episode and I was under the impression that this was going to be a great top tier series. Tokyo Ghoul was my personal #1 anime of the Summer … Continue reading

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[Review] – Yowamushi Pedal – master of cliffhangers

First ever review of this blog! Don’t really intend to go in-depth and going to try to be as brief and spoiler free as possible. also, this is not an “after thoughts” kind of post but rather a “should you … Continue reading

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