Winter 2015 Anime – First Impressions – Assassination Classroom, Saekano

Back with 2 more First Impressions for the Winter 2015 season. After yesterday’s disappointment with Kantai Collection/Yuri Kuma. Let’s find out if the next 2 titles turn out better.

1) Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom First Impressions
Assassination Classroom seems to be on the favourite list of many people this season. Indeed, this anime is certainly hyped. A top ranking shounen jump manga is certainly something I guess.

Also, I read the first chapter of the manga previously but for some reason couldn’t really get into it. The first episode mainly adapts the first chapter. You see where I’m going from here? (At that point I thought it wasn’t good enough for me to want to continue reading it, but I wanted to check it out when it became an anime)

While I do think this series has potential, the first episode felt very average to me. It was alright for most part but I still think it has a long way to go from being a great series. (and yeah, I knew the plot already, so obviously I wouldn’t be so eager and excited right?)

First the premise is insanely ridiculous. To the point where there is no objective way to really evaluate it. The more illogical it tries to be, the harder it is to really try to tie it down using “logic”. That’s pretty smart actually because now we can’t judge it anymore.

At the very best, I see this series so far as primarily a comedy series. It’s the kind where you sit down, relax and just get “ridiculously entertained” for that 20 minute duration. I am clueless to how this series will move on from here though. What is it trying to do?

The moral of the story that they’re trying to drive across in the first episode felt weak. And Koro-sensei going into his justice mode felt a little laughable. I mean seriously, coming from the guy (or alien) that is threatening to blow up Earth? You can’t sacrifice a “friend” for the good of everyone but you can blow up Earth? What kind of logic is that! Okay, I give up. I should calm down and remember that we’re not supposed to use “logic” here.

The whole “pity us for we’re the last class” theme was really pretty lacklustre. Does it actually resonate with people? How? Why? Oh we’re judged by society because we’re in the last class. We can’t study. Take pity on us, it’s society’s fault! I’d be praying hard that this does not turn out to be one of the core motifs of this series because it’s actually pretty damn annoying.

Despite it’s glaring flaws, this series still seems like a pretty decent add to the weekly watch list. It’s decent, very decent. And it has potential. The production quality and animation is so far alright. Koro-sensei is an interesting character and is probably the only thing keeping this show from crumbling apart. If this show wants to be greatness, it has to step up it’s game.

For now, I’ll keep watching this. I’m really intrigued to see how this series will move on from here. Is it gonna do the episodic student problem route? (like Onizuka?) I might be able to appreciate that more if I was watching as a teenager but as a young adult now I’ll probably feel nauseated watching teenagers sprout their “delinquent-ish immature” problems.

Or wait, is this supposed to be some kind of battle manga in disguise? but I’m somewhat still looking forward either way. At least.

Episode Rating – 7.5/10

2) Saekano – Episode 0

Saekano first impressions
Or “Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata” seems to be the typical harem rubbish that we’re used to get it. But is it really just another one of them?

I was actually somewhat mildly impressed with the prologue episode of this series. The dialogue is amusing and I really liked how it was pretty self-aware and attacked the harem genre right off the bat within the first few minutes. I was like “ooohhh this is going to be interesting”. Typical harems don’t have such compelling dialogue because all they think about is how to sell their fan service shots. There is something clever about this show that seems to set it apart. (also, it’s Noitamina, it can’t be the generic harem right?)

The second interesting point of this show is how it cleverly deceives you into thinking that the background character is just another plain background character (just like how most anime has that 1-2 characters that we all have no idea why they’re even here for.) This is somewhat contrasted further by placing 3 other hot, attention-seeking, stereotypical female characters right in your face. No one would notice Katou , the bland background character. but wait, she’s actually the freaking female lead of this show! Cant deny I was amused.

The tension did dwindle a little in the middle. And it got boring at some parts. but it was still an easy watch. I also think that the fanservice in this series happen to be pretty delightful as well.

This series definitely did many things right at first glance. but it will all depend if it can keep this up. I’ll surely be looking forward to more clever parodies and witty dialogue. For now it certainly has surpassed my expectations.

Episode Rating – 8/10

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8 Responses to Winter 2015 Anime – First Impressions – Assassination Classroom, Saekano

  1. mochirochi says:

    Was Saekano that good? I heard that you didn’t need to watch it in order to enjoy the show, so I didn’t bother watching it. Might give it a try and try to get past the fan service.

    I quite enjoyed Assassination Classroom, mainly because I love the manga. The moon thing is illogical though, because the amount of natural disasters that would happen and the people it would kill would be catastrophic….but if you ignore it then it’s fine haha.

    I won’t spoil things, but I hope you keep watching.


    • Princeytay says:

      I wouldn’t really say Saekano is good, good. more of surprisingly good kind of good. Or “for a fanservice harem” anime kind of good. Not the good used to describe real good stuff.

      What you mean “didn’t have to watch it to enjoy the show”. do you mean that you don’t have to watch ep 0 in order to watch the series?

      Yeah assassination classroom was alright. was being picky as usual. I’ll definitely keep watching it!


      • mochirochi says:

        Aye. I heard that episode 0 introduces you to the characters, but it has no real affect on the show so it’s okay if you don’t watch it. I don’t think the show is meant to be that fanservice heavy, which is why I didn’t watch it.


      • Princeytay says:

        Yeah. That was what I heard too. Perhaps the actual episode 1 will have very different vibe from episode 0. but yeah that’s alot of fanservice so u might just skip it and wait for episode 1 actually.


  2. miharusshi says:

    Saekano is making fun of other harem shows while exactly being what it is mocking.


  3. mochirochi says:

    Now that the first episode of Saekano is out, how did you find it?

    ps. Hope you don’t mind, but I tagged you for an anime questioner called Inspector Green Tag. Don’t feel pressured to answer it, but I will be looking forward to your answers. 😛


    • Princeytay says:

      Heh. Oh man sorry I didn’t see your tag. I was pretty busy over the last week (and weeks to come) so didn’t really have time to come to wordpress. I’ll do the tag within the next couple of days!

      As for Saekano, I thought that it was actually disappointing. if that was the actual first episode, I might have dropped it TBH. I might do a post on that later, but I’ll have to see if I have the time to. Haha.


      • mochirochi says:

        No need to apologize. I only tagged you the other day so it was fairly recent.

        That’s surprising that you didn’t like the first episode. I liked the male MC and the forgotten girl, but I don’t know how I feel about the other harem-ites quite yet. They seems stereotypical with a fun quirk, but it’s nothing to write home yet.


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