Winter 2015 Anime – Preview Part 2

So for the 2nd installation of previews of the upcoming Winter 2015, I picked the next 9 (alphabetical) anime and share my thoughts on them. Winter still looks sad, really sad. And it makes me wonder why people keep making sequels for bad anime when good anime are not getting proper treatment (by having their deserved sequels, *ahem*, Chihayafuru).

1) Juuou Mujin no Fafnir

Juuou Mujin no Fafnir
Couldn’t find a PV to this! And..the premise of this sounds generic and lame. I couldn’t even stay interested long enough to finish reading the summary so it’ll be a no brainer how a 20 minute episode is probably going to put me to sleep. And guess what, it’s adapted from a light novel and light novel adaptations are often bad. Well this might turn out to be decent but I find myself struggling to watch even the “slightly better than average” anime these days. So nope.

Anticipation – Medium Low
Plan to Watch – One episode to decide. Probably a drop.

2) Kamisama Hajimemashita season 2

This seems to be a 2nd season to something I haven’t heard about.  Considering that I already have Durarara to catch up on (or marathon?), I will probably be giving this a miss. The premise and all seems okay though. It might be a maybe for the future.

Anticipation – Low
Plan to Watch – Nah. At least not for now.

3) Kantai Collection : Kancolle

The PV looks okay. I think this will either turn out to be surprisingly good or expectedly boring. But generally game adaptations are often bad.  Online card game? Ew. I don’t have high hopes for this one. But then again, speaking of card game adaptations any shit will be better than an annoying idiot with red afro running around the whole shitty time. This has boats, and fleets and all. I don’t know, it might be actually okay? Or I hope.

Anticipation -Medium low
Plan to Watch – I’ll give this one an episode. Since I’ve said no to too many already.

4) Koufoku Graffiti

You know what grinds my gears – when people use canon in D for their presentations, videos or in this case, the PV for an anime. Grrr. But on a serious note, this one looks okay. Moe + Food. Idk. it might work. But it looks like this one will be more of a heartwarming type over the comedy/fanservice so I guess I still have some hopes for it.

Anticipation – Medium?
Plan to Watch – It gets one episode, at least.

5) Kuroko no Basket Season 3

You have no idea how huge a fan I am of sports anime. Sports is one of my favourite genres of all time. (my recent favs include Yowapedal & Haikyuu and an all time favourite has got to be Chihayafuru) But…but…Kuroko’s balls. Ewww. No thanks. Sorry but Basketball sucks. Don’t ask me why. It just does. Everything about basketball feels and looks wrong to me. It ain’t even appealing to watch. Sorry but I can’t stomach a sport I naturally despise. Go make a badminton anime or something. Or another tennis anime. Yeah, the market is already saturated with tennis and baseball but yeah, make another one. Go ahead, it’s much better than basketball at the very least. Yeah and the world really needs a badminton anime. Which is like one of the best sports ever.

Just my undeniably bias opinion so if you’re butt hurt remember it’s just my opinions. LUL.

– Nah, nil.
Plan to Watch – No thanks to shitty sports. Sorry. 

6) Rolling Girls

Hmmm. I still don’t know what to think about this one yet. The PV was pretty neat. It had a nice slice of life feel. The music in the PV was great. Love the art style and overall vibe to it so far. I actually think this might turn out quite good. And random but …It’s from the same studio that did Attack on Titan.

Anticipation – Medium
Plan to Watch – Yeah. This might be good?

7) Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

Hey. I’m starting to gain a little faith with this lineup because we finally get 2 “seems decent” anime in a row! This is comedy/romance, done by A1 pictures. (and having just witnessed the sheer godlike adaptation of Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso we can all agree that A1 pictures definitely knows how to do romance properly). Not sure about the source material but I think this one is going to legit romance route instead of the typical moe/fanservice and all. We’ll have to see. Seems pretty promising so far. I hope.

Anticipation – Medium High
Plan to Watch – Yeah. I will.

8) Seikai Tsukai no World Break

Uh. This title sounds familiar. This is a 2nd season to something right? That aired in summer? I don’t know but I remember dropping something that sounded like this. Oh wait, that was something something no blade dance (typical below average supernatural moe fanservice-y anime). So apparently this is something new.

But yeah there are obvious hints that this will be another typical below average supernatural moe fanservice-y + harem anime. It’s giving off blade dance vibes. So I don’t think it will be anything worth watching.

Anticipation – Low
Plan to Watch – One episode?

9) Sengoku Musou

This looks like some historical shitty game adaptation. Anime like this often turn out shitty and boring so I’d advice anyone to stay far away. Unless you’re a fan of the franchise this is pretty much unwatchable stuff. And damn I can’t find a PV.

Anticipation – Low
Plan to Watch – Nope. Unless people say it’s good.

Sigh. This is the type of lineup that makes me wanna quit watching anime and come back when better shows are airing. I don’t even feel like doing any episodic reviews/first impressions for any of them next season. Amongst this 9, only 2 seemed decent enough for me to have moderate hopes for them. (Saenai Heroine and Rolling Girls). Damn, why is this season so spammed with filthy thrashy shitty sequels to bad anime! (not only in this selection of 9 anime, but in general. Look at the chart and it’s very obvious!).

I’m hoping some of these anime that I deem “bad and worthless” at first glance may turn out to be something actually good/worth watching. or else I might just go find a better hobby for the time being.

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