Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – Episode 11 Review – “I had you”

This episode seems to provide some kind of resolution while bridging the story to the next arc. Having read the source material, it was a “better than I thought it would be” episode.

Takeshi’s disappointment with Arima’s failure in the competition was handled in such a “shounenesque” manner. I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering if we were watching the right anime when the first scene featured a superhero flying around. There’s nothing wrong but I can’t help remembering Ping Pong. For some reason, this series made music feel like a sport (which I think it’s kinda true). I’m also kinda glad that they didn’t just brush off Takeshi and instead gave him the proper & apt development. And this also kind of implies that we’re going to see Takeshi again in the future which is a good thing.

No matter how much I love this series, if they’re never going to show Emi and Takashi again I’ll probably be pretty mad.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso review / Your lie in april

The introduction of Hiroko Seto could never happen at a better point in this story. This is like the point in a shounen manga where the protagonist gets a new weapon, a new sensei or a new power up. She’s a pretty interesting character and I like her already. (And Naru, is that you??)

Hiroko is revealed to be Arima’s deceased mother’s close friend and the person who convinced his mother to make Arima a pianist. We also shockingly learn that the notorious Arima’s mother initially did not plan to make her son a pianist. “No way, he’s my treasure”, she says. It’s subtle but it already kinda telling us that we’re going to get the mother’s side of the story pretty soon.

This series continues to plant death flags on Kaori. The foreshadowing is insane and never have I seen so many death flags planted on an anime character. It’s almost as if when Kaori (eventually) dies they’re gonna be like “we told you so”. At this point it is almost confirmed that Kaori has some disease and is not going to be around for long. There is constant tension because we’re always wondering “is she going to die?”.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso review / Your lie in april

The “under the bridge” scene with glowing fireflies was surprisingly emotional and striking. When the show broke out into it’s insert song I was startled once again. The music is pleasantly surprising! (the insert song reminded me of when they did this in Ao Haru Ride, anyone with me?). The music team behind Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is clearly ambitious. From last week’s orchestral rendition of Chopin’s etude in E minor, to this week’s BGM inspired by the Introduction & Rondo Capriccio (Saint Saens), you can tell that they have a pretty solid music team behind the production.

And I’m sure the major line of the episode was “I had you”. Which is a big powerful line. Because it’s technically a confession.

Having read the manga, I actually look forward less to episodes that do not feature performances But this episode proved me wrong. The under the bridged scene was legitimately well done! While this week’s episode wasn’t really the “epic best episode tier”, it was still great.

Episode Rating – 9.5/10

Further Thoughts

-Can you really “play music for somebody”. When Hiroko mentioned that she heard a love confession in Arima’s music, it piqued my curiosity. Rephrasing the question, if you play with somebody you love in your mind, can people hear it? While it is technically true that “The piano reveals everything of it’s performer”, this usually applies to the more practical aspects of things. For example, nervousness, state of mind, amount of practice, the way the person practiced etc etc. But when it comes to more abstract ideas like love, hate, loss, admiration. Can you really tell from a person’s playing?

Back then when I was learning the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s Tempest Sonata and I was having a lesson, my teacher often stressed that I should “think about a girl I like” while playing it. I was of course skeptical, but I did try because it did make bringing out the musicality of the piece easier.  But can you really tell the core motivation of a musician by hearing to him play? The intention? Whether the person is in love? I don’t know. But I’d like to believe so. Somewhat.

-I honestly think Kaori is going to die. Because she has to. By building up to her death so much it would be an ultimate dick slap to the audience if she doesn’t die. My prediction is that she dies and then Arima gets together to Tsubaki while trying to forget Kaori. But this is the aspect that I’m least interested in. I’m more concerned about whether we’re still going to see Emi and Takeshi again!

– Kaori’s intentions still baffle me. By now she would have realised that Arima is in love with her. And she continues to lead him on, while knowing that she’s going to be gone soon. I don’t know. From my experiences watching love shows that involve one party struck with a disease and about to die, they try their best to avoid their love interest because they don’t want to hurt them when they’re gone. Kaori is just totally doing the opposite. Hmmm.

-Okay but really. I think she just wants to leave something behind-  in Arima. She wants to continue living in his music. As cheesy as it sounds, I think that is the best logical answer to her motivations and intentions.

-The scene of Arima running by the railway was pretty nice. I liked it in the manga. But it’s obvious they didn’t make it the climax as the real climax was the under the bridge scene.
And also I actually overlooked the under the bridge scene in the manga. Opps. Or maybe I rushed through these scenes. I liked it how the anime took their time.

-Hiroko raged at Arima for not changing his clothes (from yesterday) and yet she is wearing the same thing too. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who noticed this! HAHA

-Arima accepting Hiroko as his teacher/guardian was a nice development. That depressed kid is finally opening up! We finally get to hear Arima talk about what he wants. “to be a weird pianist”, just like Kaori. Kaori’s methods may be pushy and borderline “abusive” but, well, it pays off. Somewhat.

-Kriesler’s Liebeslied is a nice piece. Looking forward to it! And probably in another few weeks we’re be getting another 10/10 episode so look forward to that!

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