Winter 2015 Anime Preview – Part 1

Winter 2015’s lineup looks horrible. But it still deserves a preview. I’ll just go by alphabetical order with my brief thoughts on each of the upcoming winter anime. I’ve also linked some PVS (those I could find) for your convenience.

1) Absolute Duo

This is exactly the type of anime that I would watch for 1 or 2 episodes out of curiosity and drop it afterwards. Impressions from the PV? Lots of swords, cool effects and girls but I have no idea what is going on. This reminds me of anime that tries to integrate cool action with ecchi and more often than not it doesn’t work out very well sadly.

Anticipation – Medium Low
Watching – Not really, but it gets a chance.

2) Aldnoah Zero 2

Ugh. The 2nd half of season 1 was pure shit. Overall it’s a less than mediocre franchise probably not really deserving of a second chance. I’m curious about how they’re going to explain Inaho coming back to life after being shot in the head. But I’m not going to bother watching this because internet spoilers will let me know anyway. Didn’t really bother with watching the entire PV (it’s a 2nd season anyway).

Anticipation – Very Low
Watching – Hell no. Unless it’s shockingly good then maybe.

3) Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

I’ve been really curious about this series ever since I saw it constantly take the top ranks in weekly shonen jump. The title & premise seems interesting as well. But unfortunately I read 1-2 chapters of the manga and it honestly didn’t draw me in as I thought it would. I’m still going to watch this but I won’t say I have very high hopes.

Anticipation – Medium
Watching – Yes, I’ll be watching this. You have to give a top shonen jump manga some respect.

4) Binkan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!

Um. What the f did I just watch? Is this a magical BOYS anime. Nope. Just nope to gay anime. Ew.

Anticipation – None
Watching – Nope. Im disgusted.

5) Death Parade

The most hyped anime of Winter 2015. Honestly though this is probably going to take AOTS for Winter 2015! I’m very excited. It’s madhouse doing psychological/seinen. How can this not be dope? Honestly though, if you could only watch one anime from Winter it’ll probably have to be this.

Anticipation – Very High
Watching – Duh. I’ll be retarded if I’m not watching this.

6) Dog Days

It seems like this is like the 3rd season to something which I have never heard about. A quick glance at MAL reveals a very shitty score so no I don’t think I’m going to waste my time on this.

Anticipation – Very Low
Watching – Nope. more of I can’t and there is no reason to anyway.

7) Durarara x2 Shou

Have not seen the first season and contemplating if I should because this is like one of the things that gets mentioned when people talk about Winter 2015. Is this good? I might pick this up. The trailer seems intriguing enough for me to want to invest sometime in watching the earlier season.

Anticipation – Medium
Watching – If I can find time to marathon the first season then yeah.

8) Isuca

Can’t find the PV for this. So you have to make do with the key visuals. (I’m lazy, so go google it yourself). This looks generic as anything. Supernatural girl + Ecchi + Comedy? No thanks. but uh wait, it’s tagged Seinen so I might just give it 1 or 2 episodes to see if it’s anything worth watching.

Anticipation – Low
Watching – This gets 1 episode and will be probably dropped afterwards.

9) Jojo no Kimyou – Stardust crusaders 2

Never got into Jojo. So I won’t be watching this. (I don’t even know if I got the right PV). Heard it’s a really great anime, but I’m not really looking to get into any long running franchise for now. Someday. But today is not the day.

Anticipation – None
Watching – For some reason I don’t feel compelled to start watching Jojo.

10) Junketsu no Maria

The Pv has good music, but something feels really wrong with the art style / art work. I’m not sure if you can classify it as “badly drawn”. I don’t know. And I don’t really know what to expect from this series. It can go either way.

Anticipation – Medium
Watching – Probably 1-2 episodes before deciding.

That’s it for my first installation of previews. Judging by the number of anime airing next season this is gonna be at least 3 parts. Probably will do the rest within the next week or so.

From this list of 10 animes that I’ve previewed, the only notable one is Death Parade. The rest are probably going to be thrash or at most mediocre. (or sequels I can’t watch) Ay. Winter doesn’t look too good but at least we still have fall leftovers!

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